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Toasty Love

So i've had this weird obsession with toast for a hell of a long time.

Making toast is really an art form. Everyone has their own way of doing it. You can have toast with butter, cream cheese, jelly, peanut butter, anything, have it dry. But it has taken me quite a while to perfect my recipe.

Try this.
Take 2 pieces of rye bread. Toast them just until they are all brown on the top. No burnt spots. Then take smart balance(its healthy margarine) and spread it on the bread with just enough that it soaks into the very top. Then take a bit of cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle it over the toast so that it looks like a light dusting. A dab of whipped cream on the top and fruit salad on the side will make your toasty meal the best part of your day, I promise.

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